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  • 1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills, fully funded by Transport for London

    1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills is two hours long and tailor-made to you. Choose your start and end points, the routes you want to ride, and the skills you want to develop, at a time and date that suit you completely free of charge


    Call 020 8099 5356

Course Details

Sign up for a free, 1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills session to develop your urban riding skills and become safer on London’s roads. The sessions are entirely tailored to you. Ride the routes you use most frequently or find most challenging, choose the start and end locations, and take the session at a time and date to suit you.

Sessions are two hours long, available seven days a week between 06:00-19:00, and are run by qualified instructors.


Location: We come to you (e.g. to your home, workplace, neutral location, etc.). 1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills training sessions are Client-led, they are based on what the Client wants to learn, and the routes they want to ride. Clients will be encouraged to select the route(s) they use most often, or which they find most challenging.

Duration: two (2) hours

Cost: Free

How the course works:

The Assessment Ride

The assessment ride will consist in the instructor following the Client and analysing its riding skills on a public road, including (if possible), but not limited to, the analysis of the following core areas:

• Normal Road Positioning
• Separation Distance
• Appropriate Use of Speed
• Use of Observations
• Use of Mirrors
• Road Attitude
• Junction Approach Procedures (e.g. OSMPSL)
• Roundabout Procedures (mini, standard, multi-lane, etc.)
• Reaction to Other Road Users
• Progress / Hesitancy
• Corners / Bends
• Motorways / Dual Carriageways (if available/allowed, e.g. full motorcycle licence, etc.)